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Overseas Visit Arrangements

Coordinated Support Provided Relating to Visits to Foreign Businesses and Exhibitions

Our visit arrangements can meet numerous requests and vary from providing coordination of visits to foreign firms and various local institutionsto providing guided business tours. Through our overseas network of coordinators, from-start-to-finish support is made possible from pre-visit research arrangements for accommodation, flight and local transport to coordinating the visit.

Coordination of Foreign Business Visits

Professional local coordinators conduct schedule adjustments based upon the client's requests. Our full support comprises making appointments and negotiating with prospective specialists, picking up at the airport, interpreting, coordinating the visit, arranging business dinners etc.

Visiting Exhibitions & Conducting Actual interviews

There are a wide variety of exhibitions taking place overseas annually. Our proven and trusted local coordinators provide efficient tours of those events. Arrangements of tickets and pre-research are also available. Our local coordinators are able to represent, cover and report on behalf of clients when the visit is unfeasible due to budget and schedule reasons.

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Arrangements of Visits & Filming within Japan

(Primarily for Overseas Clients Which Want to Visit and/or Cover The Country)

We have internally and externally multicultural resources in place who are able to perform tasks relating to visits and filming in Japan. Arrangement and coordination of visits to Japanese companies, other facilities and exhibitions can be accommodated according to the client's requests. With regards to filming in Japan, total support is readily available, ranging from preliminary research, arranging flights, accommodation and local transport to managing the actual visit whilst filming.

Domestic Visit Arrangements

This includes generating itineraries and making appointments as requested. Our well-received full services involve picking up at the airport, providing day-long coordination and interpretation, and arranging meals.

Filming Arrangements:

This contains a variety of filming coordination tasks required such as pre-interview/filming research, generating ideas, licensing, assigning film crew, and the actual correspondence and interpretation on site.

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Translation & Interpretation of Wide-ranging Languages

(Non-English, Major Ones Inclusive) Plus AI-Powered Translation in Place

One of the strengths of our global network lies in a broad spectrum of languages available for written and spoken translations. We assign suitable translators and interpreters with the levels that match the client's specific requests. We have also formed a partnership with the AI-powered translation company to ensure the client's requirements are fully met.

PR Services

(Non-English, Major Ones Inclusive) Plus AI-Powered Translation in Place

We conduct PR business inside Japan in collaboration with our contracted PR specialists. Furthermore, partnering with additional relevant companies allows us to expand the services e.g. distributing press releases overseas etc.

General PR services cover extensively from media relations, POP/promotional tools creation to management of Web & SNS pages. International PR covers disseminating press releases overseas in cooperation with our partner firm. Composing and translating these releases are also available.


Corporate Profile

Company Name
Mailing Address
3-15-6 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 141-0031 JAPAN
Foundation Date
24th December, 2010
Managing Directors
Emi Hagino and Asako Suzuki
Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, Denen-chofu Branch
Service Contents
Utilising our extensive networks of Japanese and foreign agents at home and abroad, we provide global research,
global contents generation and production, translation/interpretation, arrangements for visits and filming, PR services,
and website authors for our network of Japanese females living abroad
 "Handsome Worldwide". http://www.hsww.jp
Advertising agencies, research companies, TV & Radio stations and relevant production companies,
publishers, convention companies, etc.

Management Profile

Emi Hagino

Managing Director, Media Coordinator and Researcher at H&S WORLDWIDE
Emi was born and raised biculturally in Tokyo. She received education from English Dept, Faculty of Foreign
Studies at Sophia University (BA) in Tokyo and Oxford University (MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second
Language Acquisition) in the UK. After completing her university courses in 2004, she has utilised her
communicative, creative skills and assumed multiple roles such as coordinator/fixer, contents creator,
researcher, translator, interpreter, interviewer for the broadcast & print media, foreign affiliated production
companies, and advertising agencies at home and abroad. "Communicating diverse values from global perspectives, complicated matters in an easy to understand manner" is her motto.
She like to maxmise her time for hobbies e.g. music & cinema and her weekly exercise regimen ranges from
dancing (ballet & jazz dance) to kick boxing. Always keen to cross off items high on her bucket list !

Emi Hagino